Dental implants

With advances in implant technology, dental implants are a conservative treatment to help replace any damaged or missing teeth due to trauma or disease. As master dental surgeons in cosmetic and dental implants, we provide up-to-date, advanced materials and methods for dental implants to optimise your chewing function while allowing you to smile with confidence.

Dr Cheung is one of the few dental surgeons in Australia qualified with dual post-graduate training in implant and cosmetic dentistry. We have placed and restored over thousands of implants successfully. We are also qualified for implant treatment for members of Department of Veteran Affairs.

All the implant-supported prosthesis (crowns and bridges) are 100% Australian made. 

Dr Cheung has been working closely with ceramist, Michael Petricevic (Artceram Dental Studio). Michael has been providing a continued service to Canberra and surrounding region for over 30 years. With a reputation of outstanding quality and personal service, Artceram Dental Studio is one of the most trusted dental laboratories in Canberra region.

Dr Cheung may recommend dental implants to:

  • Help replace a missing single tooth,
  • Help support a bridge, or replace several missing teeth,
  • Secure dentures, or
  • Help replace un-repairable teeth.

If you like the results you see in these photos, please contact us for a consultation to learn more about how implant dentistry can help you to look natural and function normally. 

To replace 1 single tooth:


To replace multiple missing teeth:


To replace all teeth in one arch (All-on-4):
implant-1   implant-3   implant-5
implant-2   implant-4   implant-6
X-ray for 1 single tooth:   x-ray for multiple missing teeth:   x-ray for all teeth in one arch:
xray missing teeth   xray missing tooth   xray missing teeth arch


Case 1 


Case 2 

Before Treatment   Before Treatment
implant-7   implant-9
After Treatment   After Treatment
implant-8   implant-10

Case 3


Case 4

Before Treatment   Before Treatment
implant-11   implant-13
After Treatment   After Treatment
implant-12   image028

Case 5 


Case 6 
Before Treatment   Before Treatment
implant-15   image034
After Treatment   After Treatment
implant-16   image036

Case 7


Before Treatment    
implant case7a    
After Treatment    
implant case7b