Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Worn dentition is the loss of tooth structure not caused by bacteria or decay. In severe cases, the tooth can be eroded down to the nerve and gum level.

By choosing this procedure, Dr Cheung is able to:

  • Repair any chipped, worn or damaged teeth,
  • Improve the proportion, shape and size of your teeth,
  • Stabilise the bite and relieve any pain associated with malocclusion, and
  • Enhance your smile and overall appearance

Dr Cheung has been trained in Australia and internationally in full mouth rehabilitation, including occlusion and functional dentistry; this along with artistic expertise in cosmetic dentistry can help you create a comfortable and attractive smile.

If you like the results you see in these photos, please contact us for a consultation to learn more about how full mouth rehabilitation can help your ideal appearance. We encourage you to bring photos of your desired look to the consultation to help communicate your goals and expectation.

Case 1


Case 2

Before Treatment   Before Treatment
worn-1   3
After Treatment   After Treatment
worn-2   4

Case 3


Case 4
Before Treatment   Before Treatment
5   full mount case4a
After Treatment   After Treatment
6   full mount case4b