OPENPAY payment plans are completely interest free. Equal weekly or fortnightly instalments make things simple and manageable for you. You can even pay your plan off as soon as you like or finance additional dental treatments on the one plan!

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Create an account on your own or with the help of our reception staff by downloading the OPENPAY app on your smart phone. OPENPAY will perform a quick ID and credit check to verify your details.


Once approved, get the dental treatment you want or need, choose Openpay at checkout.


Pick your plan – they range from 1–24 months (depending on your purchase). You’ll pay your first instalment today, the rest is spread over weekly or fortnightly instalments.


Your remaining payments will be taken automatically from your chosen card. Use our app to manage all your plans and repayments.

Screening patients for COVID-19 risk and assessing the risk of transmission in our practice remains an important focus for Level 1 dental practice restrictions. Practice management for social distancing continues and infection prevention and control precautions that address the level of risk of transmission remain.

Easy plan setup

Paperless setup means you barely need to do a thing. Simply, bring photo ID, a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card and let our reception staff do the rest! A simple on-the-spot credit check will be performed too. Rest assured, this check is not based on your current financial position, but simply your credit history.

Please note that your credit information will not be disclosed to Morgan Street Dental Centre, and should you have any trouble with this, there are always options available to you.

You can put as little or as much as you like on a payment plan! This means you can finance multiple treatments and appointments on the one plan, allowing you to proceed with scheduled appointments without giving a second thought to the finances – they’ll have already been sorted!

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What is my spending limit?

Your available spending limit is available to view on the home screen once you have downloaded the OPENPAY app.

This limit can be used to make purchases at our dental clinic or other participating Openpay retailers.

If you require more than your available spending limit, you can apply for a higher amount by pressing “Get Pre-Approved” for more.‌

Please note: Applying for a higher spending limit may require a credit check. In some instances, further payment history may be required with Openpay first before being eligible for an increased spending limit

How can I apply for a higher limit?

You can apply for additional funds via the Openpay app on the main landing screen by clicking the “Apply Here” button. You will then be prompted to search for the retailer where you would like to spend the funds and the amount. Please note, this will lodge a credit check which could impact on your credit score.

How do I make a payment?

Payments are charged automatically as scheduled from your nominated Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.

Want to make early repayments? You can do this through the Openpay mobile app. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a summary of your upcoming payments on the home screen. To pay, simply click on the instalment and then the “Pay Now” button.

If you want to change or update the card the payment is coming off, you can do that too on the payment summary screen.

This is also accessible on the “Payments” and “Plans” sections of the app.

Are you ready to smile now, and pay later? Call us now on 69219500 for more information!